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Lightroom Classic: Problem with previews during import for large volume/slower than LR CC2015.12
LR Classic CC 7.0 Windows 7 w/ATI Radeon 5700 no renaming or presets, minimal previews selected (1.8 Gb HD with 171 Gb free at the end of...
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Lightroom Classic - Create Identical cell size and position
Hi, While adding individual picture cells and text cells in a book is a great new feature, I wonder how can I create those cells with id...
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Lightroom Classic 7.0.1: Importing Images Slow
Importing in Lightroom Classic CC has serious issues. It seems it may be related to large catalogs. Import is slow and only shows a few t...
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Lightroom: Inconsistencies when using a dual screen configuration
Hi, Assuming a dual screen configuration, Loupe view on main display, Grid view on secondary display. In Library mode: 1. Select severa...
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Lightroom Classic CC: Current Import photos not showing until completely downloaded from card
In past versions of Lightroom before CC Classic, when importing images from a memory card, the images would transfer and thumbnails and i...
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Lightroom: Keyboard shortcut for All Photographs
As I work on many project and create as many collection I do have to edit a lot of picture from specific collection but to make sure I'm ...
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Lightroom Show All Photographs Keystroke command
Since Lightroom was first launched I have been frustrated that there is no keyboard stroke/shortcut for 'Show All Photographs'. If one ha...
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