Lightroom: Performance and optimization: LR is slow
LR 4 is excruciatingly slow. Until Adobe is able to do something about this I am recommending my students and readers continue to use LR ...
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Lightroom: LR 4 user interface, and Develop slider response very sluggish
Hi, I updated from LR3 to LR4.0 yesterday and I observe a significant delay when I move sliders in the develop module. the delay excee...
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Lightroom 4.2 RC: Very poor performance on high end system - partial solution discovered.
Lightroom 4 has been basically unusable for me, I gather I am one of the small number of people with powerful systems who has an unresolv...
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Lightroom: LR4.2 Performance Issues remain
The performance issue is an absolute workflow killer and I am at the point where I want to throw my 2009 MacPro tower out the window. LR4...
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