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Photoshop: Rotate Brush Tip 'On the fly' (Keyboard shortcut, Mouse-wheel or Click + Drag)
This may seem wild, but many ideas might've seem that way when first introduced, so bare with me as I believe it would be rather sexy add...
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Lightroom Classic: Support for HEIC file format (Windows)
Support for HEIC file format was included in Lightroom CC but still is needed in Lightroom Classic.  When will it be added? [HEIC suppor...
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Photoshop: Real-time, hotkey control for Brush Rotation
Since you can control the brush size by holding alt/control drag with the pen, there should be something equivalent for brush ROTATION as...
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Lightroom CC: Sort by Filename
First, I like almost everything about the new Lightroom CC. At the moment it appears you can only sort by Capture Date, Import Date, Mo...
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Photo of William Patin
Photoshop: JPEG.plugin causes "Could not complete your request because the file was not found." error
I can't open regular Jpegs with a '.jpg' extension anymore. PS prompts "Could not complete your request because the file was not found". ...
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Embedded Color Profile always on in "Export Panorama"
Even if you unselect the "Embedded Color Profile" option in the "Export Panorama", your  saved files will always have the Color Profile a...
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Photo of Fadel
Photoshop: Add a Color Wheel Panel
I suggest you to add a free Color Wheel for photoshop.. must programs have one such as CLIP Studio and Paint Tool SAI.. We are as artists...
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Photoshop: Infinite canvas
Infinite canvas is definitely a feature that you never needed until you actually used it. There is nothing special about, other then, the...
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