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Stop Lightroom stealing focus on launch
When launching Lightroom 6.7 on Windows 7, it can take a little while to initiate and do it's thing (even loading from a fast SSD). Nor...
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Windows Mouse Cursor changes to difficult-to-track tiny black arrow in ACR edit screen. Hard to see against dark-grey interface
(windows 8.1) In Bridge thumbnail view, the mouse pointer is the same as my preferred system cursor (windows extra large white). In Camer...
  • John Ell, 2 years ago

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Camera Raw: Problems with ACR presets
Hello, I’m having some trouble with Photoshop CC, specifically with the Camera Raw Filter. I have created multiple ACR presets that I ...
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Bridge CC: Freezing despite trying everything.
Bridge cc keeps freezing. I've uninstalled it, purged cache, preferences, updated graphics card and all that I can think of and have re...
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