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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom: Exact text match in smart collections and filters, including matching spaces
Is there really no way to search metadata for a term that has spaces in it? e.g. "brown hair".
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Photo of Peter Law
Lightroom Classic: Allow for keyboard shortcut customization
Customizable keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom would be great. I just find it so confusing that crop and brush tools and things like that h...
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Photo of Dhammika Heenpella
Lightroom Classic: Increase the number of cells in the Keyword Set
Hi, For keywording, my typical first step would be to have a look at the standard photo categories (Example given below taken form
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Photo of Sravan Nerella
Lightroom: Ability to create custom book templates/sizes from scratch
Provide a way to create new pages completely from scratch by laying out the position of the picture frames and text frames instead of usi...
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Photo of John Burdick
Lightroom: Sort by more fields, sort by multiple fields
Metadata fields provide an opportunity to liberate us from the difficulties of using the file system (filenames and directories) for sort...
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Photo of Pete Roberts
Lightroom: Colour collections and collection sets to simplify navigation & cataloging
[Update: Color labels for folders were added in LR 7.4 --John Ellis] I find it difficult to navigate folders and collections in the LH p...
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Photo of pat d
Lightroom and Camera Raw: More Photoshop like clone/healing/content aware brushes
More Photoshop like clone/healing brushes in Lightroom! I love retouching in Photoshop, especially with the content aware fill with the...
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Photo of Joop Snijder
Lightroom Classic: Better keyword management
How about some better support for keyword management. It's very basic now. I would like to do the following tasks:- Delete multiple keywo...
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Photo of Charles Seton
Lightroom: Ability to search for Folder Names in Library Module
Julieanne Kost suggested that I post this feature request for Lightroom here. Search for Folder names in Library Module. You can searc...
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Photo of David A Rogers
Lightroom: List view for Library
I would like to have the ability to show items in the Library as a list, rather like one might see in a spreadsheet program. Very small t...
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Photo of Sean Phillips
Lightroom: Add "Is Empty" and "Isn't Empty" to all attribute filters and Smart Collection filters
Lightroom desperately needs additional filtering (and smart filtering) capabilities. Specifically I want to be able to find all images fo...
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Photo of Michael DeLuca
Lightroom: Custom Crop Overlays
I think when you are cropping in photoshop/bridge/lightroom RAW it would be nice if we had an option to overlay a 8:10 ratio (4:5) on top...
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Photo of Tom
Lightroom: Sorting and filter in import dialog
I frequently work a job that requires JPGs on site and raw files for post the next day. I have to work fast and would like to be able to ...
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Photo of lkiuzb
Lightroom: Why is the Folders panel not reflecting the folders on my hard drive?
When I import photos into Lightroom, I have it set up so that the images are organized into folders by date. For example, I created a 201...
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Photo of SamC
Lightroom: Add text notes to photos, stacks, directories, collections
Let me add text notes to photo, stacks of photos, and directories of photos so that I can record shot and processing details. I'd like to...
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Photo of dan
Lightroom: Filter images in a collapsed stack
In LR Library module, Grid view, if you filter on a KW (Keyword), it does not show you images that are burried in collapsed stacks (see s...
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Photo of Mark Sirota
Lightroom: New virtual copies should inherit develop history
When a virtual copy is created, the initial develop history includes only a "Create Virtual Copy" history step with a timestamp. I'd l...
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Photo of Rocky Caughron
LIGHTROOM - Filter to a list of images by using multiple file names at once
So I am using Fundy Album Builder to design albums. After I have the finial design I need to go back and finish retouching the images tha...
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Photo of Jr Mn
Lightroom: Find and Full Screen command key shortcut conflict under OS X 10.11
Under Lightroom 6 on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan (GM seed), the keyboard shortcut for the Find command and the Full Screen command swap pla...
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Photo of dave a
LIGHTROOM Koken or better web gallery options
Lightroom is fine and great but there have been no streamlined, no or low cost ways to share photos with family and friends even having a...
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