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Photoshop CC 19.0.1: Text Size Scubby Slider and Up Down Arrow no longer gives live updates
I updated to 19.0.1 this morning, and everything is lovely with the exception of the Character palette. I'm suddenly unable to see increa...
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Photoshop CC 19.0.1 now available
We are happy to announce the release of Photoshop CC (19.0.1). This update includes many (50+) bug fixes for the top customer reported...
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Photoshop: Option to make baseline shift for type un-sticky
I'm sure there's a reason Photoshop retains previously entered baseline shift values, but I'd love the option to have subsequent type ins...
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Photoshop: Automatically select HEX value when opening color picker
When the color picker is opened, the red field is automatically selected. It's very, very rare that I'd want to copy the red component of...
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Photoshop: Ability to re-map or remove the HUD color picker keyboard shortcut
When I'm working on my laptop, I try to minimize the number of palettes onscreen (including the layers palette). One of my most-used mane...
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What am I doing to inadvertently invoke the Color Samplers in Photoshop CS6's Info palette?
I never use the four Color Samplers in Photoshop CS6's Info Palette. Yet they keep popping up during my normal workflow (I rely heavily o...
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Photoshop: Why do color samplers keep appearing?
What inadvertent keyboard command am I invoking to constantly invoke color samplers? I don't use 'em, but I'm constantly having to dismis...
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