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Photoshop CC 2017: Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the jpeg data (Instagram encoded JPEG)
Photoshop CC 2017 is giving this message: "Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the JPEG data" when I try to open...
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Photoshop CC 2015.1: New user interface lacks contrast and many usability cues, lots of other problems
I just updated to Photoshop CC(2015) version 2015.1. Adobe changed the UI to the flat look you see on phones and tablets. I do not see ...
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Photoshop: "Adobe Community Help" keeps popping open (Windows)
Adobe Community Help keeps popping open when working within Adobe Photoshop CS5. I'm not sure if I'm doing some sort of shortcut that cau...
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Photoshop: CS6 will not open scratch file because of disk error
I get an error when trying to open Photoshop CS6. "Could not open a scratch file because of a disk error." "Could not initialize Photosho...
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Photoshop: CS6 running slowly on surface pro 2?
Hello is anyone experiencing brush lag when using a 100 pixel size brush or so in photoshop on surface pro 2. Other art software im not h...
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Photoshop CC hangs and/or loses application focus on MacOS
Photoshop CC has focus issue, as well as ocassional hanging. I'll be working in Photoshop CC on my Mac OSX, and suddenly whatever tool I'...
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Photoshop: Is there a known issue with CS5 and Mountain Lion?
I have installed CS5 on the computers in my student lab. Brand new iMacs i5 running Mountain Lion. Of the 26 computers I have had to remo...
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Photoshop: CS6 stays greyed out when switching back from another app (sometimes).
13.01 x64 MacBook Pro (Mid 2010) 10.8.2 Every so often, when I switching back to PS from a different app, Photoshop does not respond to...
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