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Lightroom 4 so slow that I went back to LR3
Lightroom 4: slow and imprecise! I am very deceived by LR4 and I wish to have a refund. I purchased it basing on my experience with LR3 b...
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Lightroom: Doesn't export some files with multiple exports queued up. LR4.1 RC2
LR4.1 RC2 I was exporting 8 or 9 folders at a time, I would select one subfolder, export it, then another and another and so on. - ju...
  • James Kachan, 6 years ago

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Photoshop: Ability to minimize Info panel to single line with only RGB values visible
JDI REQUEST - INFO PALLET Minimizeable to single line with only RGB numbers visible. - The current INFO pallet is so large, it takes up...
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Lightroom: Tether Capture Keeps Failing (Canon 5DI and II)
Lightroom tether capture continually stops working, especially after you take any sort of break. This is happening on both my Canon 5DI a...
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Lightroom: add RECOVERY selectively in an image
Lightroom I would like to see the ability to paint in or out RECOVERY in Lightroom. Almost never am I happy with the way it performs...
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