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Bridge CC: Ability to preview SVG files
As far as Google will tell me, SVG thumbnail previews used to be supported in older versions of Adobe Bridge, but I believe that this has...
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Photo of Joni Marttinen
Photoshop: Add SVG support
SVG is now a standard used quite widely in the web, and Photoshop would benefit grealy for letting SVG files be opened/placed directly in...
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Photo of Colin McDonald
Lightroom: Great new features for HDR and Panoramas
New Lightroom features to do HDR & Pano's inside Lightroom are wonderful
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Really really liked the new "People" feature in Lightroom CC!
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LIGHTROOM/ACR - Use icons for selecting standard white balance. Sunny, Cloudy, Tungsten, etc.
Instead of using a pull down for preset white balance. Add the basic icons for Sunny, Cloudy, Shady, Tungsten, etc. This will allow to qu...
  • James Madara, 4 years ago

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