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Bridge: Clear Settings does not work with PSD FIles
When trying to use Bridge menu Edit> Develop Settings> Clear Settings with a PSD file that selection is grayed out and not usable. It wo...
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Photoshop: Halide Bottlenecks - how do I turn them off?
I have a problem with loading PS CC2018 - I literally go and make a cup of tea while I'm waiting.  Not great when I'm on deadlines!  When...
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expand the Bridge keywords feature
I want to put keywords on all my files, not just adobe files and images. It would immensely help my work flow and manage updated and olde...
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Bridge Export Panel Sample Code
I've seen complaints about the Export Panel being removed from Bridge. There is still export to JPEG functionality exposed via JavaScript...
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Bridge: Shared archives (and tags, and collection, and everything)
We are a team of four designer, in my office. Our images archives is in a network server. Everyone of us have the Creative Collection ins...
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