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Lightroom CC: Please add add advanced keywords - controlled vocabulary
Lightroom CC and Keywords. It appears that the CC version only has limited support for keywords. For those of us who have spent years co...
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Lightroom CC Memory problem/ leak
Operating System: WIn 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version : LR CC 1.0.1 I have discovered if I open LR CC and nothing else - and do nothing m...
  • Jim MSP, 1 year ago

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"Assertion failed" messages : strange programming practice at Adobe
Hi, There's something that is bothering me with Lightroom. I'm currently trying to help a user who has problems when launching LR. He...
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New bug in LightRoom CC 6.2 import
I Import files from a folder on my HD, "Copy", and direct them to a new set of date driven folders. I go back and look at the original ...
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Lightroom: LR 4 user interface, and Develop slider response very sluggish
Hi, I updated from LR3 to LR4.0 yesterday and I observe a significant delay when I move sliders in the develop module. the delay excee...
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