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DNG Converter: Enable JPG conversion
Lightroom is capable to convert JPGs into DNG. The DNG Converter unfortunately currently is not. Please add JPG support to the Adobe DNG ...
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Camera Raw 10.0 & DNG Converter 10.0 are now available
We are happy to announce the release of Camera Raw 10.0 and DNG Converter 10.0!  To update Camera Raw, either choose Help > Updates withi...
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Photo of Gunther Wegner
DNG Converter preview ignores image orientation
The preview embedded by Adobe DNG Converter does not reflect the Image Orientation flag from the XMP metadata. Mirrored or rotated images...
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Photo of Gunther Wegner
Feature request closed with silly reason?!
I'm the author of LRTimelapse, the market leading software for time lapse photography. Since over a year I'm running a feature request t...
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Lightroom SDK: Add something like 'photo:setDevelopSettings' to the API
Hey Adobe, for plugin development it would be a huge step to have a method like photo:setDevelopSettings("$setting", $value) to be...
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Photo of Gunther Wegner
Bug in DNG Converter 8.6 - XMP data does not get applied
There is a severe bug in Version 8.6 of the DNG Converter (Windows version tested on different systems). It just does not take over XM...
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Bug: DNG Converter 8.6 always uses Factory Defaults when converting raws to DNGs.
There are multiple reports of a change in behavior with the DNG Converter 8.6 compared to DNGC 8.5 and before. The standalone DNG Conv...
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Photo of Gunther Wegner
Lightroom: Keyboard shortcut for read metadata from files
To "Write Metadata to files, we can just press Ctrl-S. Please add a Shortcut for "Read Metadata from Files" as well! Thank you! B...
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