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Lightroom: Photo's Aspect Ratio not used correctly with Borders and/or Strokes in Print Custom Packages
Why is does the 'Cells->Lock to Photo Aspect Ratio' flag not work properly when preparing a Custom package in the Print module, when eith...
  • Gerald Rowe, 6 years ago

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Lightroom: Keyword options no longer available in LR4
When one has a keyword hierarchy: In LR3, one could skip a level in selecting which keywords are exported. For example in the hierar...
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Lightroom 4 - rename folder error
This still doesn't work properly in LR4, tried both Windows Vista & Windows 7 There are a couple of - relatively easy to reproduce - c...
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Lightroom: LR4 Beta: Suggested change to order of adjustments in the Basic panel
Let me start by saying I'm really excited about LR4! Looks gr8! I find the order that the sliders in the develop module/basic panel a ...
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Lightroom: Moving multiple folders
Is there a workaround that will allow you to move many folders together into a new single folder inside Lightroom. For example, you may w...
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Lightroom/Camera Raw: How about an adjustment brush for noise reduction?
It would be nice to be able to hit specific areas with more noise reduction than other areas using an adjustment brush.
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