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Photo of Kate Jordahl
Lightroom: Wish for a "cancel" button on "Back Up Catalog" box
If I had only one wish for the next Lightroom update, it would be a cancel button on the last dialog when you close a catalog. I like the...
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Welcome to the Photoshop Family Feedback Site - Getting Started & FAQ
Welcome to the feedback site for the Photoshop Family of digital imaging products. We hope that this site will be a useful resource fo...
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Photo of Photoshop FAQ
Why doesn't my version of Photoshop or Lightroom support my camera?
I just got a new camera and Photoshop and/or Lightroom does not recognize the raw files. What do I do?
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Photo of john beardsworth
Lightroom: In the Export dialog, provide the option to add a simple borders
In the Export dialog, provide the option to add a border. Nothing fancy - any colour so long as it's black - and give control over its wi...
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Photo of John Fjeldsted
Lightroom: Remember last image selected in each folder
In Lightroom, please "remember" the currently select images in each folder as I move back and forth. This would be such a time saver!
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Photo of PECourtejoie
Photoshop: New layer style: Cast Shadow
Layer styles are useful because of their parametric and their non-destructive natures. Smart Filters are useful, but require the creation...
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Photo of Pippo Baudo
Lightroom: A better search/find in the library module (Library Filter)
I have used for many years iView, and then Expression Media to catalog my files, and I must say that even today I did not find nothing be...
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Photo of Photographe
Lightroom: I'd like the ability to invert a mask
After spending lots of time creating a mask, I think it should be possible to create a mask out of the remaining area so that you can wor...
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Photo of Poulg
Photoshop: Provide preference and preset syncing via the cloud! (Brushes, Actions, Tools, Workspaces, etc)
We need this in Photoshop: Save and sync brushes, actions and assets to the cloud! If i then log in to another computer (at my work.....
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Photo of John Burdick
Lightroom: Sort by more fields, sort by multiple fields
Metadata fields provide an opportunity to liberate us from the difficulties of using the file system (filenames and directories) for sort...
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Photo of Pete Roberts
Lightroom: Colour collections and collection sets to simplify navigation & cataloging
[Update: Color labels for folders were added in LR 7.4 --John Ellis] I find it difficult to navigate folders and collections in the LH p...
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Photo of paul archer
Lightroom: Allow files to be deleted in a Collection
I don't understand why, but for some reason, there is no way to remove files from the catalog or delete them outright from within the Qui...
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Photo of Joop Snijder
Lightroom Classic: Better keyword management
How about some better support for keyword management. It's very basic now. I would like to do the following tasks:- Delete multiple keywo...
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Photo of mrorange
Lightroom: Respect Hierarchical Folders of Presets
5 years ago, poster Sean Phillips first suggested this idea. Adobe has officially marked it as "implemented" - however, it is not impleme...
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Photo of Reid
Lightroom: Relative Develop Presets would save the day!
Lightroom--I would love to see relative presets as opposed to only absolute presets. For example, I may want to add +10 of yellow in Tem...
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Photo of KellyS
Lightroom: Ability to move Adjustment Brush Pins
One problem I have when not using a tripod is that the place where I have used an adjustment brush has moved a little bit in each success...
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Photo of Tom
Lightroom: Sorting and filter in import dialog
I frequently work a job that requires JPGs on site and raw files for post the next day. I have to work fast and would like to be able to ...
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Photo of Jim Harris
Lightroom: Brush, Clone, and Heal brush shape options (squares and/or rectrangles)
I'd like to see different shape options for the Adjustment Brush and Clone/Heal tools. Circles don't work to well on linear objects. I'd...
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Photo of joshua withers
Photoshop: A current and below option for the eye dropper?
I can't tell you how many times a day i have to turn off all my layers above the layer i am working on, take a color sample with the eye ...
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Photo of David A Rogers
Photoshop: Allow renaming of Layers in Layer Styles dialog
When I double click the Layer name in order to rename it, I often miss the name which of course invokes the Layer Styles Dialog. This ...
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