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Photo of John R. Ellis
Lightroom Classic: Sync from iPhone sets inconsistent capture date, incorrect sorting
When a photo is synced from LR iPhone, the capture date in LR Classic is set inconsistently, causing the photos in Library grid view to s...
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Photo of Kaffeesegler
Lightroom: Keywords don't sync between CC and Classic
Keywords do not sync correctly: When added on the mobile app (iOS), they do not appear in LR classic and not in LR Web (I deleted the new...
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Photo of Photoshop FAQ
Lightroom: When will my camera be supported for Tethering?
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Photo of Robert MacWilliam
Lightroom Classic: Support for HEIC file format (Windows)
Support for HEIC file format was included in Lightroom CC but still is needed in Lightroom Classic.  When will it be added? [HEIC suppor...
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Photo of Per Jessen Schmidt
Lightroom Classic: Several collections empty after upgrade
I have a catalogue that after upgrading to the latest lightroom (Classic) have several collections which is now empty. A common thing is ...
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Photo of LRuserXY
Lightroom: Import: Wrong folder names organizing by date when using camera USB
When importing from a camera connected to USB (at least for a Canon EOS 40D Firmware 1.1.1 in my case), lightroom generates wrong folder ...
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Photo of herrclich
Lightroom Classic: iPhone imports photos to wrong folders (date)
with LR 6.10.1 the import of photos seems to be random regarding the date of capture. Photos are not detected as already imported and wil...
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Photo of Mike Creighton
Lightroom CC: Please add add advanced keywords - controlled vocabulary
Lightroom CC and Keywords. It appears that the CC version only has limited support for keywords. For those of us who have spent years co...
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Photo of Geoffrey Roth
Lightroom: Ability to sync Smart Collections/Albums (Lightroom CC / Mobile /
Collection synching / Lightroom Mobile is a great addition to Lightroom 5.4. Please extend this functionality to Smart Collections as well.
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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom: Exact text match in smart collections and filters, including matching spaces
Is there really no way to search metadata for a term that has spaces in it? e.g. "brown hair".
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Photo of Daniel Krieger
Lightroom CC: Additional options needed when exporting
I ask because when you export in Lightroom CC, called "save to," the only parameter you can adjust is the pixels. Nothing else that I can...
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Photo of Brian Hagler
Lightroom Classic 7.3: Graduated Filter Orientation Problem
Quick description of problem: Apply a graduated filter at 0 degrees to a horizontally oriented photograph. Save as preset or copy. Now us...
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Photo of Dan Brandenburg
Lightroom Classic: Merge to HDR and Panorama doesn't work
On a regular basis, I merge 5 bracketed shots from my drone.  In the older LR, this operation took about 1 minute or less.  I could "bat...
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Photo of Peter Filias
Lightroom Classic: Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed while importing videos
I'm a new user to Lightroom CC Classic and am going through importing my photo and video library from a hard drive. When it gets to video...
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Photo of Anders Sorensen
Lightroom Classic: Preview size limit
I am using lightroom Classic CC 7.0.1 and Camera Raw 10.0. Is there a limit to how large a file can be and still be able to create a 1:1 ...
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Photo of robtmann
Truncated text in editable metadata fields in library module
In the Library module, all editable metadata fields with more than one line of text display truncated text unless I select the field. I'v...
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Photo of Felix Schrader
Lightroom Classic CC: Restore Import from external catalog over LAN?
After the update to Lightroom Classic CC on both of my systems I am not able to import from the catalog on the other computer via etherne...
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Photo of Stefan Meingast
Can anyone tell me why I would use Lightroom CC over Apple Photos?
I have been playing around with the new Lightroom CC and was initially very excited about the idea behind that software. Having my (raw) ...
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Photo of Andrew Frix
Lightroom: Ability to export to PNG file format
The work flow of a png file is safer for image quality in the long run and is a more favorable file format then Jpeg. It would save a lot...
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Photo of Tanja Schulte
Lightroom: Laggy sliders on Windows with Wacom tablets
[Update: Many people report laggy sliders with Wacom tablets on Windows unless they disable the Windows Ink option, in which case they lo...
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