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Lightroom CC: Please add smart folders
I would love to be able to create smart folders (aka smart collections) in the all-new Lightroom CC. Basically, a folder that contains a ...
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Lightroom CC: Please add plugin support for external editors
I love the way Lightroom CC is heading. That said I'm not quite ready to switch yet because there are still too many of the great Classic...
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Lightroom CC: Please stack RAW+JPEG files
Contrary to Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC doesn't automatically stack the two photos of a RAW+JPEG pair together. This creates quite a ...
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Lightroom Mobile: Add pure "view" mode
This idea is growing inside of me from the very beginning and lately I think this should really happen. In Mobile app, you have three mod...
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Lightroom mobile: Disable button for Rating and Editing - View only mode
Hi - if I accidentally hit the flag button with my thumb, it will sync my LR database as well. I would like to be abel to disable the edi...
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Lightroom Mobile Lockdown Mode
In Lightroom Mobile, I would like to have an option to switch on a "lockdown mode" so the user can only view and share/export pictures bu...
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Lightroom CC: Distorted smart previews on macOS
I just installed LR CC on my second laptop, a Macbook 2016, and synched the smart previews that I have in the Adobe cloud (I only have sm...
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