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Photoshop pricing structure is too high
The price of Photoshop standalone is too high, and the pricing structure for the suites is too complicated.
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Photoshop: Rotate Brush Tip 'On the fly' (Keyboard shortcut, Mouse-wheel or Click + Drag)
This may seem wild, but many ideas might've seem that way when first introduced, so bare with me as I believe it would be rather sexy add...
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Photoshop: Provide preference and preset syncing via the cloud! (Brushes, Actions, Tools, Workspaces, etc)
We need this in Photoshop: Save and sync brushes, actions and assets to the cloud! If i then log in to another computer (at my work.....
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Photoshop: Transform Controls Disappear
After I have been working in this file for some time, the bounding box and transform controls on the layer cease to show up when I select...
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Photoshop: Ability to cycle through Blend Modes in Layer Styles with arrow keys
Not sure if this problem arises on Windows. It Does on Macs. Small Detail, but very frustrating. If you want to change the Layer St...
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Photoshop: More font-sorting options (Custom Folders, Color Coding) (Font-type folders like Font Expolorer Pro sets - Implemented)
i've loaded about 1'683 fonts... (more or less) in fontexplorer Pro i made beautiful sets (folders) to organise all of them. I sorted the...
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Photoshop: Shortcut to toggle Auto-Select layer (Change from 'Layer' to 'Group')
A Shortcut to toggle the Auto-Select layer ON & OFF (+ Shortcut: Change from layer to Group) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
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Photoshop: Add a keyboard shortcut to enter Text Editing mode
Currently you can exit Text Editing mode in Photoshop by pressing cmd + enter. What I'd like is a keyboard shortcut to *enter* Text Ed...
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Photoshop: Better Preset Organization (sub-folders, tag, search)
I'd love a better way to organize brushes, shapes, and styles. Perhaps a way to tag them, then search or sort by tag.
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Photoshop: Solo layers
Being someone who uses music production and design software I can't help but find similarities in the workflow. I feel as though a 'Solo'...
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Photoshop/Elements: How do I remove a background from an image or merge images?
I don't know where to post this question but how can I remove background from image. Please tell me in simple steps
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Photoshop 2015.5 always saving JPGs at 38.8mb
I have updated my photoshop yesterday and after the update, when I try to save my files save as->jpg it always gives me 38.8mb of a f...
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Recently Installed Fonts Filter
In last versions, there is a filter that can seperate fonts as their style. It would be so useful if we have a "Recently Installed" font ...
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Photoshop: Please add the ability for Command-J to dupe layers and layer groups
Command-J duplicates the entire current layer, or a portion of the current layer, if there’s a selection. It’s a great feature, and one I...
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Photoshop: Please remove all unnecessary drop menus
Please kill all unnecessary drop menu. Photoshop first. All Adobe product next.
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Photoshop: Ability to search for layers in the layer panel
Problem Description — It’s quite common for Photoshop documents to contain a lot of layers. I have some documents here with well over 100...
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Photoshop: Images won't paste from clipboard to PS CS5 - is this a bug?
Hi If I copy an image from a browser or anywhere on my machine, it won't paste into CS5. Sometimes it does to start off with, but the...
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Photo of Photoshop FAQ
Photoshop: Ability to create guides automatically from a selection, or mathematically from a grid (specifying margin, column width, and gutter)
Dear Adobe Gripe #14403 "Let me create guides automatically from a selection, or mathematically from a grid (specifying margin, column...
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Photoshop: Gaussian Blur dithering
It would be nice if the Gaussian Blur filter had a "Dither" option (possibly enabled by default). When applying a large Gaussian ...
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Photoshop: Vector Shapes & path highlight/selection issue
Hi there, Photoshop CS5 1.Vector shape have color area and vector mask visible - 2. Selectin...
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