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Lightroom: Multi-User / Multi Computer (Shared catalog on a network)
I'd love to make LR more multi-computer friendly. I have no doubt that there's probably database architecture issues and a host of other...
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Lightroom/Camera Raw: Add editing notes to to images
It would be great to have a field for "personal notes" during the Lightroom Develop step. During my import workflow I walk through all of...
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Lightroom and Camera Raw: More Photoshop like clone/healing/content aware brushes
More Photoshop like clone/healing brushes in Lightroom! I love retouching in Photoshop, especially with the content aware fill with the...
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Lightroom Classic: Better keyword management
How about some better support for keyword management. It's very basic now. I would like to do the following tasks:- Delete multiple keywo...
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Lightroom: Finding Duplicate Images
Would like to be able to see (potentially) duplicate images in my LR catalog in a temporary / smart collection with some sensible choice ...
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Lightroom/Bridge/Elements: Find duplicate and similar images
I would be great to have a find similar image feature.Not only should it find image duplicates, but it should find image that are looking...
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Lightroom/Camera Raw: Display camera focus information
Nikon cameras stores the focus point that was in focus and the exposure was taken. This would be extremely valuable to see for a sports/...
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Photo of Phil Tobias
Lightroom: Support Common Image Formats (EPS, GIF, PDF, BMP etc.)
Feature request: Please add Lightroom support for common Adobe publishing and Web image formats, such as EPS, AI, PDF, GIF, and PNG. M...
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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom: Save Custom Metadata in XMP
Some users are reluctant to rely on custom metadata, since its not stored in XMP. This FR/Idea is to store custom metadata in XMP, or ...
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Photo of Photographe
Lightroom: Ability to see EXIF data
I would like to be able to see more, and probably all, of the EXIF data store by my camera. There are many reasons for this; I am sure...
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Photo of Matthew Mace
Lightroom/Elements: Support 3D camera file formats
Hi, now that 3D camera's are everywhere and JPS is the standard, is there anyway we can get Photoshop Elements Organizer to allow JPS fil...
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Photo of quid quomodo
Lightroom: Photo integrity check
Lightroom currently has the possibility to search for missing photos, which is a very important function. Unfortunately this does not war...
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Lightroom: Add text notes to photos, stacks, directories, collections
Let me add text notes to photo, stacks of photos, and directories of photos so that I can record shot and processing details. I'd like to...
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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom: Allow users to define custom metadata
It has come to my realization that a fair number of feature requests could be satisfied simply by allowing users to define custom metadat...
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Photo of Joseph Allan
Lightroom 6 - Facial recognition use of existing metadata
It appears that Lightroom facial recognition does not use existing metadata to help tag people. Would be good if it did.
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Photo of Ulrich von Agris
Lightroom: Ability to geotag photos
I would love the ability to geotag photos within lightroom directly using standard files -> KML or GPX. Please provide also the possibilt...
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Lightroom: Add image direction in Map module
It would be really nice to have this. This is the next step in image geotagging A few geottagging software already have it (ex geosett...
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Photo of rob m
Lightroom: Improve IPTC "Person Shown" Tagging Workflow
Note, on recommondations of others I am reposting this suggestion on this thread. You can also check it on:
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Last version of lightroom won't import
I have lightroom standalone and skipped the 6.2 version to avoid the problems but 6.3 is worse as I cannot import anything. It will just ...
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Photo of Richard Stark
Lightroom 6.3: Can't Import, have to Force-Quit to exit
Since updating to LR 6.3 (standalone), when I attempt to import any images, the first Import dialog only shows grey icons, not previews (...
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