Photo of Lucas Floyd
Filter by lens and file type
I would love to be able to filter by lens type, similar to how you can filter by camera body. Would make it easy to see all photos taken ...
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Photo of PaulTheBuilder
Lightroom CC: Filter to only show raw images
It would be great it there was a search filter to only show RAW images. I tend to only edit RAW photos, so I'd like to only see RAW photo...
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Photo of Eliot Khuner
Don't stop export because of overwrite question
I often export 1,000 to 2,500 images.  I wait until I am about to leave the office to start the process.  But, Lightroom will not export ...
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Photo of Eliot Khuner
PS Feature Request: Info Screen w/point(s) chosen & displayed
Problem: When user adjusts adjustment layer mask, the Info windows shows GRAY SCALE values, rather than IMAGE values. Solution: Show val...
  • Eliot Khuner, 1 year ago

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Photo of Eliot Khuner
Obvious ON/OFF signal for Auto Sync needed
Please provide second sign that Auto Sync is on.  For example, change font color or background color when developing more than one photo....
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