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Lightroom Previews continuous generation
Can there be an option for Lightroom to continuously generate previews in the background. It seems clumsy once I have set up a catalogue,...
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Lightroom: Publish or Export from Preview - to save time for low res
Simply generate the export from the preview and not from the raw file. I have huge files of 60MP and it takes allot of CPU / Time to gene...
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Lightroom CC: Quick Develop VERY slow on my system (6 sec vs 1 sec in LR 5.7)
Lightroom CC Quick Develop When I make any changes to a file (D800 NEF) in Quick Develop in Loupe view, I get a message "Loading" for...
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Lightroom: LR 4 user interface, and Develop slider response very sluggish
Hi, I updated from LR3 to LR4.0 yesterday and I observe a significant delay when I move sliders in the develop module. the delay excee...
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Lightroom: LR4 extremely slow web module gallery building
Lightroom V4 web module is extremely slow. I am using TTG CE2 components and compared with LR 3 which was not very swift, LR4 is painfull...
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Lightroom website generation issue
I build a lot of html only websites through LR, and I dont understand why when constructing and exporting the html and images it re proce...
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