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Photo of Edward
Photoshop: Allow simple maths in number fields.
So if I want my canvas to be 43px smaller I can basically type 160-43. Or if I want it to be 2.5x bigger I can do 160x2.5. Any number f...
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Photo of Keith Cavey
Lightroom: When selecting a collapsed stack, provide option to apply changes to all photos in the stack
In Lightroom 5.4, if I select a collapsed stack of photos in the Library module, I would like the option to automatically apply changes (...
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Photo of Kate Jordahl
Lightroom: Wish for a "cancel" button on "Back Up Catalog" box
If I had only one wish for the next Lightroom update, it would be a cancel button on the last dialog when you close a catalog. I like the...
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Photo of Luis Gonzalez
Lightroom Classic: Be able to delete one step in the history in LR
After I have spent a great deal of time edditing a picture, sometimes I see that one of the effects that I applied so many steps ago is n...
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Photo of My Buisness
Lightroom: Tethered Shooting Camera Control
I am writing this Feature Request in accordance with Victoria's guidelines posted here: and ...
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Photo of Rob Edgcumbe
Lightroom Classic: Features Particularly for Video Editing
Lightroom has become the heart of my image workflow as a photographer. Its image management allows me to keep a clear idea of what image...
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Photo of Rob Cole
Lightroom: Batch rename folders.
I've figured out how to batch rename my files how I want them, but no way to rename folders across the board... Or have I missed somet...
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Photo of Peter Law
Lightroom Classic: Allow for keyboard shortcut customization
Customizable keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom would be great. I just find it so confusing that crop and brush tools and things like that h...
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Photo of Tim123
Lightroom Classic: Raw Import Aspect Ratio Crop
Currently Lightroom uses the aspect ratio meta data in a raw file in a way which cannot be changed later on.It would be great, if Lightro...
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Photo of R P
Lightroom: Read and write video metadata into video or sidecar
The new Video part is great! I really like the previews.It is a great addition to sort and tag your video's. Only one problem:The tagging...
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Photo of beeawwb
Lightroom: Add 10-bit/channel color display support
Lightroom: Add 10-bit support for end-to-end 10-bit workflow. That is, Application->Driver->Graphics Card->Monitor for true 10-bit color....
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Photo of Pippo Baudo
Lightroom: A better search/find in the library module (Library Filter)
I have used for many years iView, and then Expression Media to catalog my files, and I must say that even today I did not find nothing be...
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Photo of evan
Lightroom Classic: Trouble with Canon 5d Mark III aspect ratio
Today I imported RAW images I shot on the Canon 5d3 with the camera set to Add Cropping Information set to 4:5 ratio. Crop lines are dis...
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Photo of LRuserXY
Lightroom: Import: Wrong folder names organizing by date when using camera USB
When importing from a camera connected to USB (at least for a Canon EOS 40D Firmware 1.1.1 in my case), lightroom generates wrong folder ...
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Photo of Sravan Nerella
Lightroom: Ability to create custom book templates/sizes from scratch
Provide a way to create new pages completely from scratch by laying out the position of the picture frames and text frames instead of usi...
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Photo of Tomas Kraft
Lightroom/Photoshop: TIFF compression settings have no effect when Lightroom sends image to Photoshop for editing
Hello, I believe this is a bug.. When using edit in Photoshop from Lightroom with TIFF format set, none of the compression settings wo...
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Photo of Kai Scherrer
Lightroom: Ability to export as progressive JPEGs
Most of my photos are exported to be viewed via web. I'd love to save them progressive so that my audience is getting a better visual fee...
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Photo of David A Rogers
Lightroom: Search or Filter by Pixel Dimensions, Long Edge Dimension & Aspect Ratio
I have the need to search for images based on their pixel dimensions. For example I want to find images that have a horizontal or vertica...
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Photo of Whitney Dunn
Lightroom: Make curves bigger
It would be great if the curves panel in Lightroom was physically bigger. The current panel is too small. While it's easy to make big adj...
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Photo of Lukas Ziegler
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Add editing notes to to images
It would be great to have a field for "personal notes" during the Lightroom Develop step. During my import workflow I walk through all of...
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