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Photoshop 2015.5: Freezes while saving to network drive
Since updating from whatever came before it, to 2015.5, whenever I save a file to our network drive, it hangs. I'm pretty sure it's the u...
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Photoshop 2015.5 lagging
Photoshop 2015 worked fine once I edited performance settings, however 2015.5 doesn't improve with the same settings. I increased memory ...
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Photoshop CS6: Fill of a group setting isn't saved
If you have a create a group with at least one layer, then change the Fill of the group to anything other than 100%, that value isn't sav...
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Photoshop CS6 beta, alt+tab glitch in full screen mode
Alt+tab dialogue (to switch application) often doesn't work properly, won't appear at all or appears and disappears instantly when called...
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