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Lightroom Classic: Overlay is very hard to see (Crop/Transform)
After updating to Lightroom Classic, the crop overlay lines are thinner and lighter than before. Can't see them on most photos. 
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Lightroom: Slow performance on Xeon CPUs
I noticed that LR clone and brush tool on my XEON E5-1650 0 3.20GHz (Attention: E5-1650 0 and not E5-1650 v4) can not stress my CPU and a...
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Lightroom CC 2015.10 - Poor Performance
This issue collects information passed between myself and the Adobe care team on twitter, who as of April 21st recommended that I make a ...
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Lightroom 6 / CC2015: Very slow UI response with background export(s) running
Lightroom 6 / CC2015s UI reaction is very slow / sluggish when a background export is running. When three exports are running, the develo...
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Photoshop: The ruler for straighten the layer don't work in CS 6
the ruler for staighten (layer) the horizon don't work at all in CS 6. It's stops as a free tranform so you see the edges .It's skewed.
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"great" new import dialog is clueles, cumbersome and contra-productive
Adobe lightroom today (6th october 2015) get aukward image import dialog. It is clueless, against previous import window. Please give us ...
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