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Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 (and 7.3.1): Hanging, requires force quit
There are a few other discussions where this issue is being reported but i believe they have other issues clouding the discussion Since t...
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Lightroom 6 / CC2015: Very slow UI response with background export(s) running
Lightroom 6 / CC2015s UI reaction is very slow / sluggish when a background export is running. When three exports are running, the develo...
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Lightroom CC: File handling much slower
I'm having an issue with Lightroom CC being very slow at file handling. In Lightroom 5 I could move files from one folder to another on t...
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Lightroom 6 slow speed tested compared to 5.7 + GPU not used?
I've purchased Lightroom 6 last week, mainly because of the promised speed, but so far I have not been impressed - it feels generally slu...
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