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Photoshop CC: Ability to organize and reorder Paragraph / Character Styles in the Styles panel via drag & drop
There is currently no way to drag and drop styles to move them around in the Character / Paragraph Styles pallette in Photoshop CC. It ma...
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Photoshop CC: Move tool auto-select is selecting layers in hidden or locked groups
Love the multiple path selection tool in Photoshop CC, but is there a way to *not* include invisible & locked layers?
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Photoshop: Add a Glyphs panel
Why, still, is there no glyphs palette/panel/menu in Photoshop? It's pretty sad that I have to use Illustrator or ...
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Rearrange styles in all Styles palettes (Object / Character / Paragraph)
Please include the ability to re-arrange styles in the Styles / Character Styles / Paragraph Styles panels, via drag and drop just as it ...
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