Photo of steve flynn
Lightroom: Double arrow cursor over panels
When I move the cursor from the Library grid view to the Keyword List in the right hand panel the cursor picks up and locks on to the hor...
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Photo of John Ellis
Lightroom 6: Invalid XMP metadata written to exported JPEGs, tripping up reading software
Lightroom 6 often writes invalid XMP metadata in exported JPEGs, including for photos containing lots of brush strokes made with the adju...
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Photo of Antonio Leong
LightRoom 6 GPS Data
I usually capture GPS data using an iPhone App called gps4cam. It creates a .GPX file and I used LR5 to import and auto-tag my photos. ...
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Photo of Dariusz Kotarba
Lightroom: key conflict -> ctrl+alt+a is a polish letter
LR 3 / W7 - conflict - Ctrl+Alt+A = Polish letter ą. When I try to type polish name in edit field with letter ą, the beginning of this na...
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