Photo of Ronald Davis
Photoshop: Can't move or minimize photoshop window
I am no longer able to drag my Photoshop window to reveal what is under it. Additionally, I no longer have the three small round dots at...
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Photo of makespictures
Develop settings applied to TIFF disappear after editing original
After updating to LR CC2015.6 and PS CC2015.5 I have noticed that develop settings applied in LR to TIFFS disappear after editing the TIF...
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Photo of KellyS
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Allow Crop Settings in Presets
I would love to be able to set "crop" presets. I am a notoriously crooked shooter, and if I could have a preset that corrected my natura...
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Photo of Steve Hughes
Lightroom CC: Crops and local adjustments don't copy properly on rotated pics
[Update: This bug occurs for both crops and local adjustments.  See this post for a simple recipe to reproduce: https://feedback.photosho...
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Photo of Matteo Sabattini
Lightroom: Local Adjustment missing functions
Hello Working on Lightroom on a daily basis, i find that the local adjustments are missing some very important settings. Please is it...
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Photo of Christopher Walag
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Luminance/Saturation Curve
In general regarding color, I think Lightroom needs to take some pages from motion color grading. Specifically, the smallest thing that ...
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Photo of SergeDubovsky
LIGHTROOM Canon 5Ds tethering support?
I just got my 5Ds and immediately tried to tether shoot with it in Lightroom. No luck. 5Ds is not yet supported. I was wondering if there...
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