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Lightroom CC: Ability to see what Album a photo is in
Can you add in a way to see what album(s) a photo is in. You can do this with classic CC, but not the new cloud CC. I have LOADS of phot...
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Lightroom CC: Ability to identify pictures not assigned to an album
Uploaded "orphains" cannot be identified. They are visible in "All pictures", but not flagged as such (nor or those belonging to an album...
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Lightroom CC: Please add smart folders
I would love to be able to create smart folders (aka smart collections) in the all-new Lightroom CC. Basically, a folder that contains a ...
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Lightroom CC: Move albums out of 'migrated ....' folder
When I imported my catalog into Lightroom CC I found that all my albums are under a top-level folder called 'Migrated '.   My questions...
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