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Lightroom SDK: catalog:createVirtualCopies only works properly in grid view.
When more than one photo is selected, and more than one copy name is passed, I mean, in Windows anyway, maybe Mac too. First off, I re...
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Lightroom SDK: (additional) CreateVirtualCopy based on provided photo object(s) instead of selected photos
Based on the information from I have been playing with the catalog:createVirtualCopies functi...
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Lightroom 5 SDK photo:getRawMetadata( "gpsAltitude") gives always positive value also when it should be negative
Lightroom 5 SDK function photo:getRawMetadata( "gpsAltitude") returns always a positive value whether it is positive or negative. This ...
  • D. Holtman, 5 years ago

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Photo of Keith Williamson
Lightroom: Provide metadata analytics in Lightroom
I would like to see meta data analytics added to Lightroom. I recently ran across a plugin for Lightroom: http://light...
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