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Lightroom Classic: Several collections empty after upgrade
I have a catalogue that after upgrading to the latest lightroom (Classic) have several collections which is now empty. A common thing is ...
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Lightroom Classic: Add the possibility to disable full image preset preview
In the latest update, full image preview has been added when hovering presets. While this is fantastic and really useful most of the tim...
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Lightroom Classic: Import module no longer starting up automatically when memory card is inserted and no longer ejecting memory card when finished
LR (2015.12 - build 11252390) on 2011 MacBook Pro using macOS High Sierra (10.13) Import module no longer starts up automatically when ...
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Lightroom Classic: import from SD Card no refresh
If I import from a SD card, then eject it. Add photos to the card, then put the card back in the Win 10 PC and try to import the next set...
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Photo of Frogger
Lightroom Classic: Catalog Backup Fails - "Please check your folder permissions"
Since update to LR Ver7.0, any attempt to backup the catalog, produces an error, but if I click 'Try Again' it works ! I have repeated t...
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Photo of Miranda Dodd
Lightroom Classic: Won't show folders/photos in finder but claims they are present
My lightroom catalogue got deleted, backup was apparently in same folder as the catalogue but a separate folder from all the images so I ...
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Import Dialog will not open when memory card is inserted.
I keep a card reader permanently connected to my system, but when I open Lightroom cc Classic, (still do not like the new naming), the im...
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