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Photo of Robert MacWilliam
Lightroom Classic: Support for HEIC file format (Windows)
Support for HEIC file format was included in Lightroom CC but still is needed in Lightroom Classic.  When will it be added? [HEIC suppor...
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Photo of Victoria Bampton - Lightroom Queen
Lightroom Classic: Dehaze slider behaves as if it is in the Effects panel
[Update: When the Dehaze slider was moved into the Basic panel, several aspects of the slider didn't get correctly updated for the new lo...
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Photo of BStock
Lightroom: Ability to delete the default develop presets
[You can now hide the built-in presets in LR 7.3 using a free plugin or manually with a multi-step recipe.  --John Ellis] It is now poss...
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Photo of Butch_M
Lightroom/Camera Raw: HSL controls for adjustment brush and gradient tools
The addition of HSL controls for the adjustment brush and the gradient tools would be a wonderful advancement and offer LR another great ...
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Photo of Pete Greene
Lightroom mobile: I would like to synchronize over LAN instead of internet
LR mobile sync is extremely slow. Giving me an option to sync locally would be excellent. And I'm sure very useful for professionals trav...
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Photo of Photographe
Lightroom/Camera Raw: Display camera focus information
Nikon cameras stores the focus point that was in focus and the exposure was taken. This would be extremely valuable to see for a sports/...
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Lightroom: Alternative vendors to Blurb in Book module
Open the BOOK module to other vendors. As much as I like Blurb, I would rather use a local print service with similar or better products,...
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Photo of mrf064
I'm troubled to see quantity and date between the dot releases for LightRoom Classic.
This is a clear indication of a lack of a dedicated, experienced Quality Assurance department with a sufficient budget working directly w...
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Photo of Thomassen Blik
An apology is not enough anymore
7.3.1 is released to fix the truckload of problems introduced by Lightroom 7.3 I haven't installed it yet and will let others be Adobe's...
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Photo of Arkadiusz Raj
Photoshop/Lightroom: Support for full-screen apps in macOS
I must say that full screen apps is a wonderful idea. I can start in such a way some of the apple apps (safari, imail, numbers) - I like ...
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Photo of Don Risi
Getting rid of the default Lightroom develop presets
I do not need the default develop presets that installed with Lightroom Classic CC 7.3.  Unfortunately, they cannot be deleted.  I trie...
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Photo of pat d
Lightroom and Camera Raw: More Photoshop like clone/healing/content aware brushes
More Photoshop like clone/healing brushes in Lightroom! I love retouching in Photoshop, especially with the content aware fill with the...
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Photo of pawel olas
Photoshop CC 2017: Droplets cannot communicate with photoshop on Windows
I have had this problem for a while, possibly since CC was introduced. One day the droplets stopped to work. I tried all the tips from th...
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Photo of Phil Tobias
Lightroom: Support Common Image Formats (EPS, GIF, PDF, BMP etc.)
Feature request: Please add Lightroom support for common Adobe publishing and Web image formats, such as EPS, AI, PDF, GIF, and PNG. M...
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Photo of Jeremy Tilford
Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 so slow on 2017 iMac
I have used LR for 7 years and always been happy. I am running on a 2017 5k iMac with 48GB of RAM - performance is making it unusable - c...
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Photo of Jason Troxel
Responding to Julieanne Kost's request for feedback on new Lightroom
I've seen the Julieanne's video entitled 'The All-New Lightroom CC: An Overview' describing the new offering and cloud-based solution.  I...
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Photo of Reid
Lightroom: Relative Develop Presets would save the day!
Lightroom--I would love to see relative presets as opposed to only absolute presets. For example, I may want to add +10 of yellow in Tem...
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Photo of Victor Biro
Lightroom: Import only pictures with "lock" from camera
Hi, A tool frequently used by photojournalists is to use the lock to flag pictures for import and filing. This allows you to review an...
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Photo of Manuel
Don't iinstall Lightroom Classic CC 7.0.1 !!!
It sucks... It broke my Macbook video card. Also my PC is being pressured by it demands. Besides, Adobe site doesn't allow to contact the...
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Photo of Sravan Nerella
Lightroom: Ability to create custom book templates/sizes from scratch
Provide a way to create new pages completely from scratch by laying out the position of the picture frames and text frames instead of usi...
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