Photo of roman weiser
Photoshop: Rotate Brush Tip 'On the fly' (Keyboard shortcut, Mouse-wheel or Click + Drag)
This may seem wild, but many ideas might've seem that way when first introduced, so bare with me as I believe it would be rather sexy add...
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Photoshop: Real-time, hotkey control for Brush Rotation
Since you can control the brush size by holding alt/control drag with the pen, there should be something equivalent for brush ROTATION as...
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Photo of Christopher Kelly
Photoshop: When launching Photoshop it recurringly takes focus from another application/task (Windows)
When I open PhotoShop, it takes my computer a moment or two to open it (most of my PSDs are at least 2GB big), so I switch back to my bro...
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Photo of Brady Miller
Photoshop: No image preview on Open dialog box (CS6 and later)
The preview window in the "Open" dialog box on Windows is gone in Photoshop. So if I click on a PSD file (once) to preview it, there isn'...
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Photo of Satu Spitz
Photoshop: CS6 very slow and unresponsive on my system
The program is really unresponsive and sluggish to use, menus don't respond quickly, tools do not switch quickly and scrolling a document...
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Photo of John Kennington
Photoshop: Video Problem (flickering, driver bug) Windows 8 & CS6
Selection tools in CS6 64bit cause background to flicker in Windows 8 64bit. The background flickers between transparent and black. W...
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Photo of David Ford
Extensions unavailable - Photoshop CC(2014)
Photoshop CC (2014) - Windows/Extensions menu is disabled. Extension Manager works fine and shows two installed extensions - AdobeExchang...
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Photo of Åge Engjom
Photoshop CS6 freezes in open/save dialogs
Is it only me that have problems with Adobe Photoshop CS6? The program can freeze up for many minutes and you can't get any reaction unle...
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