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Lightroom Classic and CC: Please support HEVC (H.265) video support
Support for this video format is needed.
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Lightroom: Ability to sync Smart Collections/Albums (Lightroom CC / Mobile /
Collection synching / Lightroom Mobile is a great addition to Lightroom 5.4. Please extend this functionality to Smart Collections as well.
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Photo of stanley Streicher
Lightroom: Support for importing Live Photos (iOS 9, iPhone 6s)
Just got iphone 6s. One new feature is "Live Photos" which while taking a still picture also takes a 3 sec movie. When imported into Ap...
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Photo of Chris Chiera
Lightroom: Support for Apple Portrait Mode (iOS)
Currently users are unable to migrate all their photos from Photos to Lightroom since many formats are not fully supported such as Portra...
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Add IPTC Information in Lightroom Mobile on import from iPad
Hello, I'm Roberto, a sports photographer. When I work at sporting events, my workflow consists in transmitting photos via wifi to the Ma...
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if I have licensed Lightroom on MacBook . does it mean I have premium feature in Lightroom app for my iPhone
Adobe also has Lightroom app for iPhone which has premium features. Does it mean that If I have licensed version of Lightroom on Mac, i w...
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Lightroom Classic & CC: Does not Import .HEIC Files on macOS Mojave Beta 4
On macOS Mojave Beta 4 (didn't try on the earlier betas), I export an .heic image from Apple Photos. It exports the .heic file and a .xmp...
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iMessage Extension for Lightroom CC mobile for iOS
When in iMessage you can easily select a photo from Apple Photos, but you cannot pull an image easily from Lightroom since there is curre...
  • Chris Chiera, 5 months ago

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Photo of Martin Dörsch
Lightroom: Develop Preset syncing between desktop and mobile
I would love to see my develop presets syncing through to Lightroom Mobile. So I can work faster with my known Lightroom presets.
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Photo of Paul Ducco
Photoshop: Multiple page support
Photoshop would benefit greatly from multiple page support...perhaps supporting multi-page TIFFs or similar. Or at the very least, the ab...
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Photoshop: Pages Support like Fireworks
With Fireworks officially being discontinued other than security bugs for now, one of the main features of Fireworks is the ability to ha...
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