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Lightroom classic constantly crashing ! HELP
I'm having some problems with Lightroom classic! Never had any problems before with the previous LR but as soon as I updated to classic i...
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Lightroom Classic: Photos are not showing in loupe
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Lightroom Classic CC crashing on Mac
The update to Lightroom Classic CC is not near as stable as the previous version of Lightroom. I am running it on a 2016 MacBook Pro with...
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Photo of Andrew Bealing
Lightroom Classic "use graphics processor" option inconsistent
Lightroom classic appears to accept option to use graphics processor as the old version did on my system but does not work when next rest...
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Photo of Larry Brandt
Lightroom Classic: Library Module - grid and strip no longer synchronized
Clicking on the thumbnails in Library module, the main grid view and the strip view below are not synchronized any more, so clicking on t...
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Lightroom Classic is certainly faster except when I try to build DNGs,
Lightroom Classic is certainly faster except when I try to build DNGs, then things dramatically slow down. So please speed up this proce...
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Lightroom CC often crashes when hitting "F" and entering fullscreen
A few times a day, Lightroom crashed when I enter fullscreen mode. I'm using a brand new 2016 MBP and this also happened on my mid-2012 M...
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Screen displaying problem after update
hi at all After the new update to LR classic, I can't work with it anymore. The LR-catalogue is here, but in each frame of the display it...
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