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Lightroom: Ability to move Adjustment Brush Pins
One problem I have when not using a tripod is that the place where I have used an adjustment brush has moved a little bit in each success...
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Lightroom: Vector shapes with variable feathering for localized corrections
Please add vector shapes with variable feathering to the local correction tools in Lightroom. Filling in shapes with the adjustment brush...
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Lightroom 5.2: Not rendering correctly photos with spot removal applied in LR4
I've just upgraded my LR4 to LR5.2 and after open my LR4 catalog in LR5.2 I discovered that some photos (not all) with many spot removal ...
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LR4 upgrade: Export Location Dialog folder tree now always collapsed upon each photo export operation
After upgrading to Lightroom 4 (and also now LR4.1) on my Windows 7 64 PC, there is no longer an expanded folder "tree" in the panes of t...
  • CAMRON CROUSE, 7 years ago

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