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Lightroom: Search or Filter by Pixel Dimensions, Long Edge Dimension & Aspect Ratio
I have the need to search for images based on their pixel dimensions. For example I want to find images that have a horizontal or vertica...
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LightRoom 6 - Use image metadata in text watermarks
LR6, options to include image metadata with text watermarks (i.e. Photographed on Apr 5, 2014, 24:01:32). Perhaps up to two lines would b...
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Lightroom: Ability to filter photos by Size Attributes
Sometimes we need to choose between photos grater then (or smaller then) a specific size, say, to select the photos able to fit a 300DPI ...
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Photoshop CC: Repeated requests to sign in and accept license agreement
Photoshop CC asks for sign-in and accept license agreement on Windows 64-bit computers. No one in Adobe support has been able to resolve ...
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Lightroom: Ability to enter a static time for smart collections
Please include an “Edit Time” rule option for Smart Collections. You have “edit date” which is good but what happens if I want to view al...
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