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Photoshop CC: Scrub text leading jumps the value super high
When I use the scrub method of adjusting on my leading, PS(win) unexpectedly jumps the number way up, even if I'm scrubbing left, even if...
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Photoshop: No image preview on Open dialog box (CS6 and later)
The preview window in the "Open" dialog box on Windows is gone in Photoshop. So if I click on a PSD file (once) to preview it, there isn'...
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Keyboard arrows changing font settings instead of moving artwork
First of all, I appreciate the feature of being able to use the keyboard arrows to scroll through settings (font or style). That's fine. ...
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Text layer inconsistent property values (new in 13.0.5 /
I'm opening a new topic regarding the new text problems introduced with Photoshop 13.0.5 (Mac) and, which seem like a result of ...
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In Photoshop CC, when changing the opacity of a layer, it changes the opacity in other open documents where opacity was selected.
Here's how to recreate the bug I just noticed in Photoshop CC: 1. Make two New documents (settings don't matter) 2. Create a new lay...
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