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Photoshop CC 2019: Custom actions cannot be activated/selected
New Action Sets and New Actions cannot be activated: The check box / tick box to the left of the name of a custom action set and custom a...
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downloading zip files to photoshop
how do you load downloaded zip files into Photoshop CS6?
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Resizing text frame with snap problem
While resizing text frame with Snap option enabled is weird snapping even not moving the cursor.
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Photoshop: Ability to remove the files from the recents pain so we can have a better focused look on certain projects?
that's that, a simple remove even with a right click
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Photo of Marianne Christian
Photoshop: Resizing image to specific dimensions for printing.
Hello I am Marianne. I have a question about resizing to a specific dimensions FOR PRINTING in Photoshop. I need the print to be 8 by 10 ...
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Photoshop CC 19.1: Crashes when using Magnetic Lasso Tool
After updating Photoshop CC 2018 this morning I began experiencing crashes when attempting to use the Magnetic Lasso Tool. The crash only...
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