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Lightroom Classic: Dehaze slider behaves as if it is in the Effects panel
[Update: When the Dehaze slider was moved into the Basic panel, several aspects of the slider didn't get correctly updated for the new lo...
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Camera Raw/Lightroom: Move the Dehaze slider near the Clarity slider (in Basic Panel)
The new Dehaze effect is great! After setting the white balance, that new slider is my next big thing to move.The type of adjustment feel...
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Dehaze not working with API (thinks its in old group)
Well, the Dehaze slider has moved, nice. Unfortunatly it is bugged, if you use a plug-in, like LrControl for example, that modifies Deha...
  • Boudewijn Pelt, 7 months ago

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Lightroom SDK: LrDevelopController broken in languages other than English, German, Swedish
Much of the LrDevelopController API is broken in languages other than English German or Swedish. When a user switches the language to one...
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