Photo of Lex van Oorspronk
Lightroom: Does not remember last export location (Mac)
When I export photos from Lightroom, it always chooses an old location, not the location I exported to the last time. In previous version...
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Photo of Robert Somrak
Lightroom 6.7: Opening photos in Photoshop from Lightroom using Edit In does not work correctly for some operations
Using Lightroom CC2015.7 and Photoshop CC2015.5.1 1 )If Photoshop is CLOSED and then I "Open as Layers ....." the computer will just sit...
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Photo of Michael Brodt
Lightroom: Limit Smart Collections to a Collection or Collection Set
There doesn't seem to be a way to limit a smart collection to a collection or collection set. When I create a smart collection inside a c...
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Photo of Barton Taylor
Lightroom CC/6 loupe overlay isn't working: can't move the guides
Holding option and trying to move the guides around in loupe overlay will not work, also the the grid size and opacity won't respond to i...
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Photo of Pippo Baudo
Lightroom: Why not CMYK values?
Maybe LR is for digital cameras, as Victoria Bampton wrote on the LR forum, but the photos that we make are very often used for print in ...
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