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Photo of Christophe Kajzar
Lightroom Classic: Ability to export 4K video
Since 2015, there are no more interesting inovations. I think it's an insolence that Lightroom can not export 4k video. That can't be a c...
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Photo of Carlos Oliveras
Lightroom Classic: Placing photos on Map module erratic and slow since update LR Classic CC 7.5 (Windows)
I geotag photos on a daily basis, and today, after updating LR Classic CC to version 7.5, I was going to resume my geotagging tasks as us...
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Photo of Geoffrey Roth
Lightroom: Ability to sync Smart Collections/Albums (Lightroom CC / Mobile /
Collection synching / Lightroom Mobile is a great addition to Lightroom 5.4. Please extend this functionality to Smart Collections as well.
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Photo of Dan Herman
Lightroom Classic CC: Branding a total catastrophe
I've used Photoshop since v1.0 in 1990, and Lightroom for some years. I've also been a professional software dev and product manager for ...
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Photo of Adri
Lightroom Classic: The picture panel goes black and the program crashes
LR classic CC crashes
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Photo of Dhammika Heenpella
Lightroom: Increase the number of cells in the Keyword Set
Hi, For keywording, my typical first step would be to have a look at the standard photo categories (Example given below taken form www...
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Photo of Photographe
Lightroom: I'd like the ability to invert a mask
After spending lots of time creating a mask, I think it should be possible to create a mask out of the remaining area so that you can wor...
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Photo of Arnold Bartel
LR classic 8: HDR Pano works very well
well done, Adobe, the new HDR pano functionality works very well, accelerates making HDR panos and saves time and disc space
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Photo of Alan Harper
Lightroom: Support cataloging PSB files (files larger than 2 GB PSDs and 4 GB TIFFs)
Lightroom should catalog psb files, just as it does psd files. I have many psb files that are not over the 65,000 pixels per side or 512 ...
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Photo of AndrewJen
Lightroom Classic 7.3: Crop tool showing last image (GPU on)
Have updated to LR Classic CC 7.3  Develop module when using the crop tool it shows the last image cropped for about 1 second before show...
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Photo of Martin Dallison
Lightroom Classic: Can no longer drag and drop location on Map
If a GPS location is incorrectly recorded, it has always been easy to simply drag a collection of photographs onto the map in the correct...
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Photo of Kim Bomstad
Photo Merge option to make long-exposure from multiple images
Wish for an option to make long exposure image from multiple images direct in Lightroom 
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Photo of Don Andrews
Lightroom web: Public Gallery not sorting correctly
Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom mobile sort collection correctly.  When I make the collection public, the public gallery displayed via th...
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Photo of Pete Greene
Lightroom mobile: I would like to synchronize over LAN instead of internet
LR mobile sync is extremely slow. Giving me an option to sync locally would be excellent. And I'm sure very useful for professionals trav...
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Photo of Stephanie Coulter
Merge duplicate photos edited via Mobile with photos imported via Classic
Is there a way to bulk-merge duplicate images? Here’s my process for understanding: 1. Import 2mp versions to Mobile (iPad) from my ...
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Photo of BenD
Lightroom: Multi-User / Multi Computer (Shared catalog on a network)
I'd love to make LR more multi-computer friendly. I have no doubt that there's probably database architecture issues and a host of other...
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Photo of Martin Dörsch
Lightroom CC: Ability to create virtual copies
For better editing and comparison I think a "create a virtual copy" option would be very nice.
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Photo of epgo
Lightroom: Enable Zoom with Crop Tool
This may have already been suggested, but it would be nice if the zoom feature in Lightroom 4 could be enabled while using the crop tool ...
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Photo of tinue
Lightroom CC: Allow for family usage, i.e. from more than two computers
The new Lightroom CC would be ideally suited for family use. A shared family photo library in the cloud can be built and maintained. The ...
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Photo of Jim Stewart
Lightroom Mobile: Support for keyword and metadata editing
I'd really, really like to be able to do keywording on my iPad in the LR mobile app. Could save me a lot of Google-time back at the deskt...
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