Photo of dieter fries
Lightroom Classic: Images not sharp unless I zoom in and out
if I go from one image to the next in the library or development module they often are not sharp unless I zoom in and out. It does not ha...
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Photo of Jon Anscher
Lightroom: What is the best way to switch back from CC to Classic?
So, after testing Lightroom CC (Desktop app) and having all my originals stored in the cloud, I’m considering switching back to Lightroom...
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Photo of Ronald Byram
Lightroom Classic: How do I relocate my catalog folders from C: drive to a Alternate Drive (SSD is about Full)?
I have my Lightroom catalog on my windows 10 C: drive (500 GIGSSD)  in the Pictures folder. my Catalog is taking up 70% of the storage. I...
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Photo of John Plevritis
Lightroom CC: Catalog not showing new folder
I am using the latest version of Lightroom CC 7.1I imported images into a new folder I created using the Destination>Create New Folder (f...
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Photo of Jacie Rabideau Carter
Lightroom 5: Can't find my photos
Hello!  My photos are someplace in my computer I am hoping. I opened the backup file of LR 5 accidentally and now my photos are all gone....
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Photo of Arne Vollstedt
More information in the develop Module in Lightroom
With all the synchronizing and copying and pasting in Lightroom, it is hard to keep track of all the changes, I made to a photo, so my id...
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