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Lightroom: Respect Hierarchical Folders of Presets
5 years ago, poster Sean Phillips first suggested this idea. Adobe has officially marked it as "implemented" - however, it is not impleme...
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Photo of Brian Byrd
Lightroom export location: export to a folder relative to the location of the original photo
In addition to the three current "export location" / "export to" options, I would like a fourth option called "Relative folder". Every ti...
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Photo of bitonio
Lightroom: Create new folder in import dialog doesn't refresh the underlying directory tree panel
Hi, Software: Lightroom 5.5Platform: Mac OS X 10.9.4 (I think I have the problem since 10.8+ and LR 5.0)Step to reproduce:Import photosPi...
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Photo of Andrew Williamson
Lightroom, Import, Create New Folder = fail
During the import process, in the Destination tab, if you right-click and do "Create New Folder", an Explorer window turns up. Having don...
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