Photo of clifton potter
Photoshop: Where can I download an installer if I've lost my disk or my computer doesn't have a disk drive?
hi my name is Cliff and my computer crashed so I got a new one, now I don:t have my photo shop that I used to do my business cards flyers...
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Photo of Larry Colen
Lightroom: Sort by capture time should use filename when times are equal
When I bracket exposure or "motor drive" on my Pentax K-5 II, and sort the files by shutter press time, they do not show up in the right ...
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Photo of Nikon
Lightroom: Quick Develop panel need to have a keyboard shortcuts
as a wedding photographer that work on a 2,000 RAW images from Nikon d810 per wedding i cant afford to work on all the images in develop ...
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Photo of Jan Hříbal
Please improve Lightroom performance. It's really BAD!
I've owned Lightroom 6 for a little under a year and am extremely unhappy with the performance (which actually seems to be even decreasin...
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Photo of brazil
Lightroom: Mixes up the order of the images shot with high-speed consecutive shooting (using an OM-D E-M1 Mark II)
When I tried importing images shot with high-speed consecutive shooting, Lightroom CC mixed up the order of the images. Suppose the actua...
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Photo of Fabiano Castro
Lightroom 2015.8: If using 2-byte characters for catalog path, unable to backup
Hello,Since the upgrade to Lightroom CC 2015.8, I get an error with the backup of the catalog in Win10. Lightroom asks me to select anoth...
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Photo of Lisa
I am looking at a new monitor to use for my photography. Anyone have input on using Elements 15 and Lightroom with a 4K monitor?
Help please. I am purchasing a new monitor and am looking at a BenQ 4k monitor. However, I want to make sure that Elements 15 and Lightro...
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