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Lightroom Classic CC 7.0 and 7.0.1: Memory leaks and progressive slowness worse than prior version
I have been using LR since LR 3, and have noticed, like everyone else, that it only gets slower and more buggy with every release. I was ...
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Lightroom Classic CC: Develop module still slow.
Hello, I would like to provide some feedback on LR Classic performance. I was hoping for an increased performance and better processing o...
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LR Classic: Detail panel affects Develop performance even when it's disabled.
Hello, I would like to highlight this issue. Basically disabling Detail panel (ironically) or applying any non standard noise reduction m...
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Lightroom Classic: Needs Better Noise Reduction
I really like using Lightroom CC Classic for all the great features in one place and ease of use, but it's seriously lagging behind in s...
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Lightroom CC (Classic) Performance - From a Computer Science Point of View
Like others, I am having a frustrating time with Lightroom editing photos from a performance standpoint. My workflow typically has me cr...
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Lightroom Classic: This has to be a record for Adobe. (Slow LR speed)
Seriously, I'm hip to the faster-slower-faster-slower-slower cadence of Lightroom updates but this is gonna be hard to beat. 7.0 saw some...
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Open Begging to Jeff Tranberry and Simon Chen
Will Anyone at Adobe Ever break the Cone of Silence? Many of us have been begging for help and begging to help find and address the serio...
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