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Tue, Oct 2, 2018 6:41 AM

Zooming out in Photoshop doing weird things

I have newest paid Photoshop from Creative Cloud. Mac Pro (2014) and Mac Display connect with thunderbolt.
When I zoom out the photo in Photoshop. Every zoom step left part of the photo on screen. So at the end it looks like the original photo but with huge frame made of edges of this photo.

It looks like this:

It started doing this error maybe three months ago. Anyone have solution?


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2 years ago

I know this is not helpful but also having a Mac Pro but a little older, Mid 2010, and photoshop zooming have been bad since cc 2017. In my case the image always get centered when zooming. Guess it has to do with the type of video cards these machines use. I have returned to my old CS 5 ;-)