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Wed, Mar 11, 2020 4:11 PM

Windows Tablet mode: How come Illustrator has a 'touch mode' workspace but Photoshop doesn't?

I have a new Lenovo C940 2 in 1 laptop. I was so thrilled to run photoshop and start to draw in Tablet mode but it's jut impossible! How come Illustrator has a 'touch mode' workspace that works with windows tablet mode but Photoshop doesn't? It's unacceptable to think that Photoshop, the most used digital drawing tool, still doesn't have a usable mode on Windows 10 Tablet mode. Extremely frustrating. I have to plug a wacom tablet to my 2 in 1 laptop to draw correctly in Photoshop. I can't believe I have to write that... and Fresco is not compatible with my device. Come on! This should've been fixed a long time ago already.


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