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Tue, Feb 27, 2018 4:31 AM

Why can't I drag anything with my mouse in Photoshop?

I was working in Photoshop yesterday and all of a sudden I can't move anything around with my mouse, only the arrows. I have tried resetting preferences, opening and closing the program, restarting my computer and searching online since yesterday for an answer or way to fix it. Nothing seems to work...  I think I must have accidently selected/deselected and option that disabled my mouse actions.  I can move the arrow around and select the items but I can't drag them. I have a laptop with a built in mouse. What do I do? 


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3 years ago

You can fix the issue through the RegEdit in you windows.

Got to the start and type regedit>Yes.

Now see the picture below to follow the red paths....



Ok and restart the PC.  Hopefully, you should be able to drag now.

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3 years ago

Howdy Alexandria,

There's no such option within Photoshop.  Did you change your hardware lately?  Maybe your mouse driver is bad?  I've actually never heard of such a problem before, so my recommendation would be to look to your operating system.  There's almost certainly a control panel for any built in mouse (do you mean track pad?).