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Fri, Mar 1, 2019 5:44 PM

When Creating an Action Using Percentages for Guides They Are Not Saved

This is duplicatable.  Create an Action by opening the Guides DB and specifying the margins to be a percentage.  When trying to run the action on other images the percentages are lost and replaced by a measurement.  This was an issue that was fixed about a year ago, but now it's back.




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2 years ago

Can confirm. I created a new guide layout which adds a 5% margin and then saved that as a preset. After creating a new canvas which is a different size, the preset is loaded as the pixel amount from the original canvas. In my case, this was 141.75px. 
Found another bug along the way, too. If you create a new artboard, the menu item New Guide from Shape becomes active, but if you select it, a warning pops up that the command is not available.
I'll log both of these. Thanks Martin.