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Wed, Dec 2, 2015 8:57 AM

What happened to the Photoshop GUI in 2015.1 ?

I like improvements but I don’t think this look good at all.

Was there a very good reason for changing it? Was the most important thing to make it more user-friendly and clear?

I work many hours in PS almost every day so it’s a very important tool and I guess for many others who use it in their work. A clear user interface and a legible typeface is very essential, at least for me.

Many of the icons don’t look clear enough (tools icons, the ”eye” in layers to mention some). The icons have a lot of different line widths, I think this makes the GUI messy.

The typeface looks similar to Apple’s San Francisco. I guess the reason is to look familiar, it’s a good thought, but I don’t think it works very good in PS. In my opinion the font is too wide and a bit thin. It’s also odd that the ”old” typeface remains in some places, the ”headlines” of Window items (3D, Actions, Adjustments... etc).

The type ”OK, Cancel, Prev, Next” in Preferences are not even centered in the ”buttons”. And why are the line around ”OK” only a tiny bit thicker than the others, almost not visible?

For me it’s difficult to read white type on dark gray or black so I have been using the light gray color theme. But now everything just looks flat (too narrow value between gray tones) and it’s very hard to get a simple and clear overview of all settings, percent of opacity etc, etc. There is no ”separation” between the content.

I hope there is still some work to do, to make this better.

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